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Market Highlights


The City of Abbotsford has two booths in the market. They have tips and handouts dealing with water conservation and can answer questions about dealing with solid waste.


Live entertainment this week is by “Each Other” ,Sylvain & Rochelle.


Farmers Appreciation and Community Day Next Saturday:

Next Saturday we are combining a farmers’ appreciation day with a Community Day focused on our younger shoppers.

Included will be a live ferrier demonstration - making horseshoes with a portable forge.

The day will also feature antique farm and food processing equipment displays. And we will have a very special contest courtesy of a unique piece of equipment that will be part of the Friesen Farm booth. See if you can guess what this odd machine is used for. 

And our cooking demo queen, Tara Immell will be on site. Tara gives her kids $10 or $20 to buy school lunch items every time they go shopping at a farmers' market. And she says, “the simplest way I find to make a snack fun is to organize cut pieces into face or animal shapes”. As Tara notes, it makes school lunches fun and the kids learn to appreciate nutritious foods. 





Public Health Nurses from Abbotsford Health Unit will be attending The Abbotsford Farm and Country Market on August 26, September 2, and September 9, 2017.  We continue to see opioid overdose related deaths, especially in private homes, and we would like to provide a Naloxone kit to you if you use substances, have a history of substance use or are likely to witness and respond to an overdose, including family and friends of people who use substances.  Come by our booth and see one of the nurses for a kit or if you have any questions related to Naloxone.

To learn more about Abbotsford Farm and Country Markets visit or phone (604) 996-1542
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