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I am excited!  Earth Day signifies the start of spring for the Haney Farmers Market.  The weather  has not been good to the farmers this spring, cold and wet, but a few of our farmers will be there will produce and veggie starts. 

Amazia Farms is new and has microgreens.  They may be small, but microgreens are intensely flavourful, ranging from sweet to spicy to tart to sour.  Having so much nutrients and flavour in such a small plant really puts microgreens into the superfood category for me. I eat them tossed in salads, cooked into fritattas.  And don't even get me started on micro herbs: little crunchy flavour packets that are great in everything.  The key is to get them fresh.  As soon as you cut them, they start to degrade and lose their nutrient-dense quality.  Buy them in a tray, still alive in the soil, treat like a houseplant and cut when ready to use.  You can't get any fresher than that!

Diego and Paula from Warmerdam Flowers will be bringing fresh-from-the-field daffodils and tulips.  Tulips are my favourit flower and I plan to buy lots!  Better get there before I buy him out!

There are our favourite bakers: Mom and Me Pies, Le Gourmet Girl, Kizzy Macarons, A Bread Affair, Candace's Scones, and we have some new bakers with delicious treats to try: Jam Shack Preserves with jam and scones, Little Hands Cakes & Cookies with Cake Pops and  Cookies with more vendors joining us on May 13, our Opening Day.

I am looking forward to seeing you again.  Mark May 13 and every Saturday after that until October 7, for a continual supply of good fresh vegetables, fruit, baking and juried crafts all in Memorial Peace Park on 224th in downtown Maple Ridge.

To learn more about Haney Farmers Market Society visit or phone (604) 467-7433
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