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This weekend, come by and check out our local youth vendors! Baked goods by Lil Slice of Heaven, slimy goo (so fun!) by Goo For You, Grab Bags Tent, and more! Bring your own kids and inspire them! Then come to the Kids Korner and make 

Plus check out our new community booths! Help-Portrait Ridge Meadows joins us to promote upcoming charity events for local people in need: an Amazing Race-type Scavenger Challenge and a Community BBQ! Ridge Meadows Association of Community Living is bringing crafts made by those in their day program: Gym Bags, Wash Cloths, jewelry and more! Love Food, Hate Waste, is all about reducing food waste so you can hold on to more of your fresh market produce! #lovefoodhatewaste

From the fields, courtesy of the hard working folks at Shen's Farms, Never Say Die, Amazia Farm, Maan Farms, Roo's Roots, Nature Valley, Nutrigreens, and Duende Farms, you will find greens, garlic, berries and beets! Also, zucchini, sprouts, radishes, carrots, eggplant, peppers, the list goes on! Peaches, cherries, and apricots are here from the Okanagan from 4D Orchards and K&M Orchards. Baker Breeze has a huge selection of the best tomatoes you'll ever eat and Sparkes Corn Barn is back with a truckfull of sweet corn! Bring your fabric shopping bags and fill up on BC's summer harvest. Enjoy the bounty at your table!

Have lunch at Beaf's BBQ, A Bread Affair, Stapleton Sausage Co., and get snacks from Candace's Scones, Kale-Liegh's Lunch Box, Kizzy's Macarons, or BrainFood Snack Co.! Cut the Cake has delicious gluten-free and sugar-free options too. Don't forget to grab some caramels from Sugar and Co. Sweet Shop! 

It's going to be hot, so we've got you covered on cooling down at The Lemonade Stand. Icy cups for only 2 bucks!

There's also wine, cheese, vodka, jewelry, soap and body products, preserves, packaged foods, natural cleaners, art, and crafts galore. 

...and our products are made, baked, or grown locally. Haney Farmers Market is shopping haven you can feel good about!


See you Saturday!

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To learn more about Haney Farmers Market Society visit or phone (604) 467-7433
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