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How do you know it's Back To School Time?  Our market becomes half the size!  We may be smaller but that does not mean you should not come out and visit.  

This week is your last chance to grab some delicious vegan treats from our girls at Yellow Basket Bakery!  Bring your own containers too :)  Feeling a tickle in your throat, probably brought about by the smokey haze that is lingering?? BCB Honey has something to help.  

In a charitable mood? We are hosting the fantastic people from Canucks Place Hospice, providing information on the amazing work they do in our community with children going through what no child should go through.  

And of course Dermoth will be back...possibly with his delicious broccoli?? You will have to drop by to see what he has.  A number of other vendors are here to tempt you in more ways than one.  And that pesky wet stuff is holding off for us thankfully.  Hope to see you tomorrow, 10 AM - 3 PM in Triangle Square!

To learn more about Granville Island visit or phone (604) 666-6477
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