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Hi Everyone,

Down to the final 3 Farmers Markets...seems like yesterday we were kicking things off!  So sad.  Fret not - sunshine is still with us, though a touch chillier than just a few weeks ago.  One big thing to look forward to --- Our 8th Annual Pie Contest!!  On September 28th, we once again put out baker's caps on and invite everyone to raid grandpa and gramma's recipe book (hardcopy or electronic now that everyone is technologically sound!)  The last Farmers Market is when we celebrate the wonderful season we just had and invite some special folks to present cooking demos and judge our pie contest.  The rules are simple:

1. One Entry per person/group

2. All pie filling & crusts must be made from scratch.

3. Entries must include a list of ingredients and the pie recipe.

4. Pies cannot require refrigeration or have dairy filling.

5. Pies will be judged on appearance, flavour, texture and creativity.

6. Pies must be dropped off between 10 am - 1pm on Thursday, September 28th at the Farmers Market in Triangle Square (find the chalkboard).

See...easy peasy.

This week's temptations include the return of the incredibly delicious Rootable Chips!  You must try the White Truffle! Soooo good. And the Bruschetta - perfect for snacking during your weekly football games alongside a tasty beverage, be it artisan wine or something healthier from Temple Soda.  A sparkling and alive drink.  Come and chat with Oguz - so interesting!! Mysgreen is back with their environmentally friendly bags, aprons, towels, and more for the kiddies' lunch bags and home cleaning needs. More for the lunches - Preserved's down home jam; perfect for sandwiches...possibly made with The Yellow Deli's delicious organic spelt-made breads.  Or visit nearby A Bread Affair and grab one of their many amazing loaves of bread, baked fresh every day on Granville Island.  

So much more is in Triangle Square tomorrow, 10 AM - 3 PM.  Hope to see you!

To learn more about Granville Island visit or phone (604) 666-6477
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