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There are probably many things you should be doing more with your family. Spending time together is one, and many families should probably be more involved in each other’s lives. But one unusual thing most families should be doing is supporting the bees. 

In the past decade or so, the worldwide bee population has rapidly declined. Countries across...

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BCAFM Selfless Selfies.

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The Peninsula Country Market opens its 23rd season as a partner in the Brentwood Bay Festival in Pioneer park, Brentwood Bay. The market runs from 9am to 3pm at the Festival. We return to our usual location and hours (9am - 1pm) at the Saanich Fairground on Stelly's Cross Road the following Saturday, June 14. Music for the day by Chick Wagon!...

Peninsula Country Market
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Since 2008, What's at the Market (“WATM”) has been quietly helping farmers markets in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia to attract more shoppers and their vendors to increase their sales – and most of the vendors are only now just learning that WATM exists.

WATM started as the result of a market manager’s concern about shopper attendance at her weekly...

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Courtesy of Keith Dobie at Pathfinder Productions, take in a short video highlighting the Abbotsford Farm & Country Market, and its Christmas theme this month.

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We know Canada as our rather large, well-meaning neighbor to the north, but is the country really the world's contraband farmer's market underneath the overly polite demeanor and funny sweaters?

CBC reports three men, one a current Niagara-area police officer, were arrested on Thursday and charged with smuggling $200,000 of cheese from the U.S. and reselling...

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An Aylesford farmer who's in trouble with the Nova Scotia egg marketing board wants the province to consider licences instead of a quota system.

Aaron Hiltz sells pastured eggs on his farm in Lake George. His 800 hens, he said, are free to roam in fields and don’t live in cages, offering customers something different when they buy eggs.

But according...

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Fresh B.C. blueberries will be on their way to Asia if the government's new marketing program bears fruit.

Debbie Etsell, executive director of B.C. Blueberries, said Friday that the sweet, health-giving fruit has huge export potential to countries such as India and China.

"This is a big announcement for the B.C. agricultural industry. We have one of...

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B.C. farmers are set to benefit from a $4.3 million agrifoods export program announced this morning on Granville Island.

The B.C. Agrifoods Export Program will provide matching funds to support industry participation at international tradeshows, promotional events, incoming and outgoing trade missions, and to develop marketing materials for international...