Welcome Farmers' Market Patrons!

What's at the Market™ exists, first and foremost, to connect you with the unique vendors and artisans that frequent farmers' markets.

Vendors move from market to market, skipping occassional markets, and the products they sell vary from market to market. Market organizations are challenged to keep schedules and vendor inventories current and accurate and readily available. Shoppers need a dependable resource to know where and when their favourite vendors will offer their products for sale.

That's What's at the Market!

  • Find your favourite farmers' market here. Click the click the "subscribe" button on the market page—or in the market date light box—and sign-up to receive timely notices for that market, including a list of vendors and their prodcuts scheduled to be on sale at that market on that market date.This is an opt-in opt-out service and you may register for as many market reminders as you choose.
  • Browse and search for your favourite market vendors here, and discover all the markets they attend.
  • Browse and search for unique products and services here. Find the vendor. Find the market. Find the date.

Vendor profiles and product inventories are kept current by market vendors directly, and change often. Check in frequently!

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