Welcome Farmers' Market Vendors!

What’s at the Market™ (WATM) is a Farmers’ Market community designed primarily to connect consumers with farmers and artisans, directly.

Free of cost, market vendors may create a basic profle on the WATM website, including a detailed product inventory, contact information, and unique banner images. Products approved for sale at specific farmers' markets appear in the Market Date snapshots prepared by Market Organization, and in the email notices sent to patrons subscribing to receive notices of which vendors (and products) will be available at specific markets.

Creating a vendor profile and product inventory at What's at the Market may be done by any vendor, any time. But only Market Organizations can approve vendor products for sale at specific markets within their organization. New (and existing) vendors must contact their market manager for product approvals. Should approved products not be available, vendors are asked to marke them "out of stock/season," allowing market managers an accurate report of products available for sale on their market dates.

There are three service tiers for What’s at the Market Farmers’ Market vendors:

  1. WATM Basic: a free listing, as described above, including vendor overview, contact information, product inventory, market availability, WATM community visibility, and inclusion in e-marketing market reminders sent to market shoppers eager to stay apprised of market participants and available products.

  2. WATM Silver: all basic features, plus expanded multi-page web profiles with full feature Content Management System; removal of character limits on profile description; DNS management and email service (make your WATM web profile your primary web presence, including unique domain name), image gallery, event calendar and inclusion of vendor events in WATM global calendar; email subscription management and HTML card mailer; and no ads present on profile pages.

  3. WATM Gold: All basic and silver features, plus robust e-commerce services, including; full product catalogue with expanded inventory management and control, subscription and recurring invoicing for farm club programs; full control of cash flow, from price point to financial institution of preference – consumers purchase from vendors, directly, not from What’s at the Market.

Currently, WATM Bronze is the only service available. WATM Silver and WATM Gold service are scheduled for a later release.