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Get prepped for Thanksgiving this weekend at the market. Purchase all your veggies and specialty foods ahead of time so you can relax on Thanksgiving weekend. Best of all, we have no line ups and all the "tills" are always open! Don't forget that you can park for 1 hour free in the leisure center.

A reminder to everyone that this is our last week in our traditional summer spot in Memorial Park. As of October 12th we will be heading over to South Park which is directly across the ring road. 

We've got tons of veggies to be had this week including some gorgeous fall squashes and pumpkins. Baker Breeze Farms will also be bringing eggs!

Don't forget we are a rain or shine operation, don't let a little drizzle scare you away from getting the best produce in town!

To learn more about Haney Farmers Market Society visit or phone (604) 467-7433
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