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Wild and Woolly Days are here! Metro Vancouver Parks will be talking all about bears and other wildlife this week at the market. Learn how to deal with these large pests and how NOT to attract them. 

It's Member Appreciation Day! Show your membership card at participating vendors to get special deals and discounts.  

We have tons of fresh strawberries, raspberries and cherries. They are ripe and ready to be baked into a pie, or snacked on raw! They're the perfect sweet addition to a summer BBQ! 

Todd Brown entertains on stage while you eat dinner from Maria's Pierogies or Lupita's Mexican Food. Or give in to your sweet tooth with caramel corn from Gary's Kettlecorn or gelato from Dolce Amore. Not to mention, delicious baked goods from many of our "Make It" vendors! 

It's all happening in Leigh Square this Thursday, July 5, from 3pm-7pm.

You'll Love It!


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