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Hello Market Lovers,

Wow! What an amazing season opener we had last week - great vendors, great community attendance, awesome vibe all around. It really set the tone for the season and we are so excited to do it again this weekend! Just a friendly reminder that the Winter Market is held at the Adventure Centre at 38551 Loggers Lane, EVERY Saturday from 10-2.

Our incredible farm team will be providing the season's best fruits, veggies and eggs right at the doorstep of the Adventure Centre. You can catch Nutrient Dense Farms, Laughing Crow Organics, Plenty Wild Farm and Four Beat Farms for all the delicious veggies, Blackwater Creek orchard will be bringing the juiciest of fruits and our amazing egg lady from Stony Mountain Farm will be there with happily laid eggs. Get there early to make sure you get your share!

Next head on up to the patio and begin your market tour of vendors offering everything from water filtration systems, to soap, salt blends and even hot cider. Finally, make your way inside to peruse artists, knitted goods and dried food mixes that will knock your family's socks off AND save you all sorts of time in the kitchen. Raising John offers meal, soup and snack mixes that are gluten-free, plant-based, and mostly-organic. They are here to make your life healthy, delicious, and Home Made Easy! They do the prep-work for you, so eating healthy, delicious food is effortless. Who can resist that?!

Looking to start your Christmas shopping early? How about the gift of local artisan creations? The Squamish Farmers' Market offers gift certificates that can be used at ANY market vendor during both the summer AND winter markets. Want to promote less waste? We offer jute bags, cotton bags and mason jars that all boast our market logo and help save the planet! A great idea for anyone on your wish list. Market swag can be purchased from the market table at the bottom of the Adventure Centre stairs.

Once you've had a chance to enjoy the market, why not grab a coffee and a comfy seat in the Garibaldi Cafe and enjoy some good ol' fashioned people watching, backed by our incredible Squamish scenery. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday to us!

We're looking forward to seeing you at market!

Your loving Squamish Farmers' Market


To learn more about Squamish Farmers’ Market Association visit or phone (604) 848-4339
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