Our pork and beef is sourced from Johnston’s Packers in Chilliwack, where they hold the highest ethical standards in their processing. From there, we choose lean cuts, not trimmings, natural casings and quality ingredients to create our sausages and donairs. It is this process that makes our products much lower in fat than other sausage on the market.

Our Turkey products are sourced from Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods, a local farm in Abbotsford, where turkeys are grown free run, which means there are no cages or small pens used nor are they confined only to small coops. Plus they are raised without the use of hormones or unnatural ingredients.

Our sausages are also gluten free!

Chef's Natural Sausage
5435 123 Street
Surrey  British Columbia  V3X 3A8
(604) 790-9472
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