Sweet Thea is a ‘scratch bakery’ – If you have heard the phrase ‘made from scratch’, you know it means starting with raw materials only, then creating from them. The art of ‘scratch baking’ was how your great-grandmother baked, but isn’t very often seen now.

Here is how Thea herself recently described it, in an ad for bakery assistants: “Everything we produce is the best product possible and made only with raw ingredients. There are no shortcuts in our bakery and everything is done right. Every detail is important; the look, the smell, the flavour, the crumb, the mouth feel, is all considered when preparing an item. The eating experience is essential and we like to keep our eaters happy.”

Sweet Thea Bakery
20540 Duncan Way
Unit 203
Langley  British Columbia  V3A 7A3
(604) 533-3603
Payment Accepted: 
American Express
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