All meat sold by Vale Farms Grassroots Ltd, is produced from animals raised on our two family farms:

Vale Farms has been using organic farming practices since 1999, producing 100% grass fed Beef and Lamb.

Grassy Gnome Acres was added in 2008 and produces Pasture Raised Chicken, Turkey and Pork.

Both Vale Farms and Grassy Gnome Acres are certified with the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society, providing quality certified organic products.

Vale Farms Grassroots’ beef and lamb are 100% grass-fed, and graze free-range on organic pasture. Grassy Gnome Acres Poultry is raised on organic pasture and fed organic feed. The Pork is raised on organic pasture and fed raw milk and organic grains.

Vale Farms
106 Dure Meadow Road
Lumby  British Columbia  V0E 2G7
(250) 547-2382
Payment Accepted: 
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